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Digital printing technology has come a long way

Historically, commercial printers made their money on projects that consisted of long-runs, single versions, static information.  The need for multiple versions, short runs, let alone variable information led to increased set up costs, more downtime, and poor utilization.

Digital printing then came along and provided a means by which to print short runs, multiple versions, and even variable print with minimal impact to the overall operations.  In fact, most successful printers today employ both offset printing for the longer runs and digital printing for the smaller orders.

Taken to another level, digital printing has now enabled printers and their clients to enter the world of Print On Demand.

Whether it’s a book, brochure, magazine, flyer, or poster, digital printing and print-on-demand technologies makes it easy and cost-effective to produce from one to one hundred of anything with very little lead time.  While still using digital printing, new client-facing software has emerged that allows clients to place orders for print materials 24/7 at their convenience.  With online proofing, clients can see what will be printed, configure the finishing, submit their order, and receive a confirmation in a matter of minutes.  Better yet, orders submitted in this manner are able to by-pass many of the more traditional process steps that sometimes added days to an order.

In the past two years, ArborOakland Group has invested heavily in its print-on-demand equipment and software.  With the ArborOakland Online Marketplace clients are able to enter orders whenever they’d like utilizing a custom branded and secure website to manage these types of orders.  In addition, with its Print-On-Demand Center, ArborOakland Group has built out a department specializing in short run, variable content and data, and quick turns.  If you haven’t seen us lately, give us a call or stop by to see how ArborOakland has responded to the needs of its clients.  Just a few of our capabilities include:

  • Color digital printing
  • Black & White digital printing
  • Envelope and stationary printing
  • Collating with inline stitching and folding
  • Tab printing and cutting
  • Plastic coil and Wire-O binding
  • Perfect binding
  • and more…

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