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paneldisplaysMulti-Panel Displays

ArborOakland Group has long been known for its multi-panel setup capabilities, especially continuous imagery that spreads across multiple panels. In such cases accuracy is critical and therefore you can't go wrong using qualified people to ensure graphics line up properly. We also provide experience in curved surface applications, creating support structures, self-standing configurations and panel locking systems.





wrappededgesWrapped Edges

Wrapped edges can be done with most media and entails wrapping a print over the sides of the substrate underneath. Lamination is also possible for this treatment.  Inquire for more details.







bondededgesBonded Edges

Lamination that is applied to both sides of a print and which extends beyond the trim is known as bonded edges. The extended portions of laminate form a tight and protective seal, guarding against rough handling, water damage, accidental mishaps, etc.







surfacemounting2nd Surface Mounting

2nd surface mounting is adhering a print to the underside of a clear sturdy material (usually plexiglass) so that the face of the image is visible and protected.






radiuscornersRadius Corners

Radius corners are rounded edges applied to mounted graphics.  With our digital cutting technology you can bet on a perfect look. Any radius size is possible and even specialized shapes can be incorporated.







floatmountsFloat Mounts

Float mounting involves one or more images being placed in specific positions upon a substrate. Graphics can be adhered in any arrangement, plus multi-layered configurations are achievable if you require complex and creative layouts.




contourcuttingContour Cutting / Window Cutting

If your project requires trimming special shapes, then you need our experienced contour cutting advantage. This service uses our state-of- the-art digital cutter which is among the most accurate in the world.  Special areas within a graphic may also be cut. These "windows" are easily accommodated and any area of a graphic can be isolated by our skilled technicians.




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