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Photo Printing, Backlits, Fine Art Reproduction, High-End Scanning and more

Photo Printing

photoprintingOur digital photo operation is second to none! When you need continuous-tone quality along with great color and sharpness, ArborOakland Group is your answer! From wallet sized prints to large format prints, we have you covered. Thanks to our state-of-the-art paneling system, your sizing requirements have no limits.

Note: photographic material for large format comes in rolls that are 50" wide (giving you virtually endless amounts of footage in the other dimension).

Use quality photo for all your commercial and personal needs. Matte and glossy papers available.

For paneled murals:
48" width limit per section



Menu Boards, Event Graphics, Kiosks, Museum Displays, Trade Show Graphics

backlitsIf you need an image to JUMP OUT, then you need a high quality backlit graphic. Superior backlit printing is done with our state-of-the-art Lambda device, which makes all the difference regarding great color. Don't be fooled by lesser processes such as inkjet.  Our high-end Lambda will render your digital image with continuous tone and bursting color.

Our backlits are imaged to a milk colored film using a digital photographic process. We also offer a clear material and have light-boxes available for sale.

Sizes over 48x96 inches are also accommodated. Inquire for details.


Fine Art Reproduction

Canvas Portraiture, Limited Editions, Large Quantities, Exhibition Prints

fineartreproductionThe unique combination of our Canon Archival Printer and our Cruse Art Scanner can provide you with the perfect interpretation of your art. Experienced color technicians use 100 year archival inks along with museum quality acid-free papers to produce stunning reproductions (Giclée).

We offer a watercolor paper and a canvas material, each of which is made from 100% cotton. Our art scanner accommodates artwork up to 40 x 60 inches (larger sizes can be scanned in pieces and digitally combined). Getting an archived CD of your artwork is recommended (this ensures color consistency for subsequent orders).

Ordering tip: the digital file size created should be determined by the largest print size you expect to order. Larger files can always be used for smaller prints but smaller files should not be used for larger prints.


High-End Scanning

scanningFilm, Print, Large Format and more

ArborOakland Group offers you the best with our state-of-the-art scanning equipment. Digitize imagery from negatives, slides, prints or dimensional objects up to 3 inches in depth. If high quality image capture is what you need, then ArborOakland Group is your ultimate resource.         

  • High resolutions available
  • Professional image enhancement
  • CD or DVD archiving

"Quick Tip"      

Want to get better looking scans?

Transparency film (slide film) will often scan better than negative film, and in some cases, prints may yield better results. If able, please provide an image in all its forms when submitting an order for scans. Providing you with the best scans possible is our ultimate goal.


Image Editing / Photo Restoration

Photo Retouching, Image Restoring, Restore Damaged Photos

photorestorationOur talented staff of digital artists perform retouching tasks on a regular basis. If your project needs this special type of treatment, we can help! This is a service which is generally charged by the hour and estimates are given upon request.







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