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Did you know that 32% of US mobile users regularly browse the Internet? Do you wonder if all those millions of users are able to access your website? Or is your website leaving them frustrated and unable to get any meaningful information?

What are the advantages for mobilizing my website?

  • Visibility - Increase the range of web visitors to your web site.
  • Convenience - Allows your viewers the freedom and flexibility to view your website from anywhere
  • Mobile Search - Google has a separate index for mobile content.

Is your website compatible for mobile devices? Usually websites appear to be all jumbled up or are very difficult to navigate through when accessed via a mobile phone or a smart phone. Try opening your existing website on your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia or any other mobile phone that you use. You will see that the experience of browsing your site is not the same when viewed on a Desktop or a Laptop.

Mobile Web Designers in Michigan

Why should I mobilize my website?

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