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January 2013

President's Column

Don Kirkland

I’m sitting here thinking about how fast the weeks go by and how even faster we are changing how we communicate.  Remember how most everything had to be printed on letterhead paper, and the matching envelopes?  Remember when you used to have to pick up the phone if you wanted to speak to someone?  Who remembers the phrase “Be kind, please rewind”?  Remember when we’d say multiple channels and think ABC, NBC and CBS and maybe a local TV station or two?

Today we email, Skype, Tweet, Post, Yelp, Blog, Chat, and Discuss.  We think nothing about Friending, Linking, and Following hundreds of people, places, topics, and organizations, many of whom we know nothing about.  If I asked you or your company what your Klout score was would you know?  Let’s be honest, how many of us are still trying to communicate in analog while much of the world is speaking digitally and it all seems quite foreign to you?

A decade+ into the 21st century and we are moving at digital speed.  Letterhead is mostly a thing of the past.  Cell phones that are just a phone are antiquated.  Think about it, a month ago Facebook was the hottest marketing tool around.   Today, people are asking whether it can survive in an increasingly mobile world.  Two more questions – Where does ink on paper fit into this digital world?  And finally, do you find yourself getting left behind?

Don’t know?  Perhaps you just don’t know where to start.  ArborOakland is here to help.  We’ve been part of the ongoing evolution, or should I say revolution.  Maybe not on the bleeding edge, but certainly an early adopter.  We began as an offset commercial printer over 40 years ago, and have evolved over the past 10 years into a full service marketing services provider.  Combining print, digital media, display graphics, direct mail, and kitting & fulfillment we’ve rounded out our ability to communicate in an ever more mixed communications world.  We are here to help you strategize, develop, and implement your organization’s next marketing campaign.  Let us show you how to blend Instruction Sheets with QR codes and You Tube videos, invitations with online registration pages, and mail campaigns with personalized URLs.

Yes, marketing communications is moving quickly.  Some days it seems easiest to sit on the side and watch it all fly by.  But we can’t.  Not really anyways.  We need to communicate with each other.  Give us a call and let us help you Speak Visually.





Introducing Leann Steffes

leannAnd, if you’re thinking about taking advantage of the USPS 2012 promotion, you’re likely to run into Leann Steffes, our Data Manager for the Mailing function.  Leann’s role is to acquire, cleanse and present variable data for both digital printing and inkjet printing.   Leann and the rest of the AOG team will work together with you to smooth the flow of information and orders through the Mailing department.

An AOG employee for the past seven months, Leann loves a challenge.    “I learn something new every day working at AOG, and most days I feel like I’m working with family!”   Leann looks for challenges in her personal life too, and when she isn’t spending time with her two amazing children seeks to add to her current accomplishments of mountain climbing, white water rafting, and skydiving.


2013 USPS Promotional Calendar

calendarbig2012 came and went.  We avoided an Apocalypse, and the economy is holding steady, and now we’re all looking forward to a prosperous 2013!

Over the coming months we’ll be finding ways to help you improve your business by providing new and innovative promotional ideas to help you improve your ROI and generate interest in your marketing campaigns.

For the first time ever, the USPS has created a promotions calendar to help you plan your entire year.  Over the next twelve months, we’ll be keeping you informed of these programs, and wanted to call your attention to the first two:

Direct Mail Mobile Coupons and Click-to-Call

  • Create awareness and promote the value of your direct mail
  • Get a 2% upfront postage discount when you include direct mail mobile coupons
  • Registration period begins January 15, 2013

Earned Value Reply Mail

  • Receive financial incentives that can be used for future mailings
  • Earn $0.02 for each reply when you include First-Class CRM/BRM envelopes in your outgoing mail*
  • Registration period begins January 15, 2013

For more information visit:

*Restrictions apply.  Promotion details are subject to change.


ArborOakland Group's Display Graphics Division

Display Graphics DivisionIt’s funny how our communications keep getting shorter and shorter.  They also must exist in a space that’s more crowded than ever.  In this day of Tweets, Posts, Like, Friends, and Linked, how does one stand out and rise above the crowd?

As we say at ArborOakland Group, it’s time to Speak VisuallyDisplay graphics (signs, banners, murals, point of sale displays) are a perfect way to get noticed.  It’s a short message, said in a big way.  In fact, with ArborOakland’s 16 foot wide grand format digital press we can help you say it REALLY BIG.  Not everything has to be super-sized, but when you need it, it’s nice to know that we can do it.

photo quality reproductionsArborOakland’s display graphics team is well versed in various materials necessary for pop-up displays, backdrops, step & repeat banners, and wall mountings.  We’ve also invested in the right equipment for the job.  Whether it is photo quality reproductions, printing on canvas, outdoor murals, or vehicle graphics we not only can do it, but do it right.  Combine that with our state of the art digital diecutting equipment and we can print, mount, and cut to almost any shape or pattern you can think of.

As a full service marketing services company, it is great to be able to work with clients to provide a broad range of capabilities.  Whether it’s in your office, on a building, or outside for everyone to see, Speak Visually.

wall mounted murals


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